How Compatible are you with Vanlife?

Take our quiz to find out… If you are having trouble deciding whether or not vanlife is the right route for you, have a read of our detailed post to weigh up the pros and cons:

How to make a living on the road?

Here we share some out of the box ideas of methods to create a practical income when your lifestyle is on the move. There are a plethora of ways you can make money whilst travelling or living in a van. Some methods require skill, some take a bit of learning and some are easy ifContinue reading “How to make a living on the road?”

Drawer Dilemmas on the Road – What happens?

In a van conversion chances are you will add a draw in! But how to secure draws on the road? Is there a foolproof solution that won’t look like a last minute addition? YES there is! We are big fans of simplicity and practicality. At the end of the day, most of the hacks andContinue reading “Drawer Dilemmas on the Road – What happens?”

How to make money from YouTube and Instagram?

How is it social media platforms have enabled the famous digital nomads we know today? We are spilling the secrets from the mouth of a Murray River  Adventurer all too familiar with sponsorship! We’ve all followed those people on YouTube and Instagram that have amazing lifestyles and seem to always be travelling and living itContinue reading “How to make money from YouTube and Instagram?”

Creating The Smart Van Home

How to take your van conversion to the next level with smart devices to make van living and travel more enjoyable Why does the minimalist life have to come with compromise? Why can’t we simplify out life in the van and on the road as well? Automate the simple things and make life that littleContinue reading “Creating The Smart Van Home”

The Van that started it all…

Most people have fond memories of their pets or long time family and friends and for us there is a van that is the beginning of our journey… Our lovely 2000 Toyota Hiace was our first campervan build.This is the old timer beauty that kicked off our vanlife adventures and cemented our desire to live alternatively.Continue reading “The Van that started it all…”

The Road or River That’s Right For You

In the lead-up to Easter, family faces you see only a few times a year are evoked. One stands out. The ‘eccentric’. The ‘nutcase’. But at this year’s get-together, our own ‘oddball’ was absent. While we feasted, my 20-year-old cousin Chris was in the midst of his great expedition. Formerly from Geelong, he’s been awayContinue reading “The Road or River That’s Right For You”