Does Vanlife have Health Benefits?

Does living in a van provide health benefits? Is it only for the wealthy glampers or can anyone tap into the opportunities for a lifestyle change for your health? There are many reasons people may get into or try out the van life or lifestyle of living in a van. Could one of those reasonsContinue reading “Does Vanlife have Health Benefits?”

How to make a living on the road?

Here we share some out of the box ideas of methods to create a practical income when your lifestyle is on the move. There are a plethora of ways you can make money whilst travelling or living in a van. Some methods require skill, some take a bit of learning and some are easy ifContinue reading “How to make a living on the road?”

Is #Vanlife all ‘hippies’ & ‘greenies’?

The Vanlife seems to be all about the outdoors, nature, peace and love – why is that? Do you need to like those things to enjoy vanlife? We address one of the common stereotypes you’ll find under the hashtag Van Life. When I first came across the #vanlife it was through pictures on Pinterest inContinue reading “Is #Vanlife all ‘hippies’ & ‘greenies’?”

How to make money from YouTube and Instagram?

How is it social media platforms have enabled the famous digital nomads we know today? We are spilling the secrets from the mouth of a Murray River  Adventurer all too familiar with sponsorship! We’ve all followed those people on YouTube and Instagram that have amazing lifestyles and seem to always be travelling and living itContinue reading “How to make money from YouTube and Instagram?”