A beginner’s guide to Wild Australia

You’ve chosen to adventure down under! Is it really true about the dangerous reputation that proceeds the country? What wildlife are you likely to encounter and where? We dig up the dirt for you on an Aussie crash course safari! Australia is a vast country with unique wildlife, of which most categories (plants, fish, reptilesContinue reading “A beginner’s guide to Wild Australia”

Take flight with the Birds of Australia!

Whether you are an enthusiastic ‘birder’ or not – there is HUNDREDS of birds inhabiting the Great Southern Land here. Take note, we show you where to head for our flying and flightless friends! The Emu is Australia’s answer to the Ostrich. Very tall in real life (up to almost 2 metres), running is theirContinue reading “Take flight with the Birds of Australia!”

Crickey! Australia’s Reptiles & Amphibians!

While the Crocodile Hunter series may have been close enough for some, here we break down travelling and viewing Australia’s scaly and slimy creatures for those out for more! The Northern Territory of Australia is home of Crocodile territory! Do not ever call them Alligators either as they are distinctly different – being much muchContinue reading “Crickey! Australia’s Reptiles & Amphibians!”

Under the sea and by the coast in Australia!

You might be headed to the paradise that is Australian beaches. So does many other marine creatures! Big or small we share what treasures are swimming in the crystal waters with you! Australia’s coasts are patrolled by many kinds of sharks and despite attacks making the headlines, they are very infrequent. Typically they inhabit deepContinue reading “Under the sea and by the coast in Australia!”

Going Gum Nuts for the Fabulous Flora of Australia!

Most of Australia’s plant life is unique and unrecognisable to first time foreigners and even long time locals exploring the bush here. Discover where the giants and small gems are in the great outdoors here! It’s simply not Australia without the iconic Gum Tree! These are some of the toughest plants in the world andContinue reading “Going Gum Nuts for the Fabulous Flora of Australia!”

Kangaroos, Koalas and furry friends in Australia!

In this post we explore some of the main mammals you are likely to see on your Australian travels! While most are bundles of fluffy cuteness, there are a few strange ones just as delightful! Koalas are laid back marsupials (mammals with a pouch) and sleep during the day in forks of Gum Trees. TheirContinue reading “Kangaroos, Koalas and furry friends in Australia!”