How to make a living on the road?

Here we share some out of the box ideas of methods to create a practical income when your lifestyle is on the move.

Get creative when it comes to being mobile and having a steady income.

There are a plethora of ways you can make money whilst travelling or living in a van. Some methods require skill, some take a bit of learning and some are easy if you are patient.

I’m here to help you find that happy balance of work and life so you can spend more time living and less time working.

In this post we’ll cover some creative ways of making a living on the road.
I won’t cover the most commonly recommended methods such as writing a blog or getting famous on YouTube and Instagram as those take quite a bit of time to build to a profitable stage. I’ve covered those topics in another article How to make money from YouTube and Instagram?

If you are travelling for a long time and will find yourself camping in areas for an extended time like a few weeks then you may want to consider picking up local gigs such as fruit picking or finding the odd jobs on AirTasker.
These gigs don’t usually require any skills. Just the ability to do some work.
AirTasker is a particularly useful one for the road as you can make money across multiple areas and don’t necessarily need to hang around long.

Are you creative? Do you have an artistic skill or flair?
There are many vanlifers who make a modest income from selling their talents. You can very easily travel from market to market around the country selling artwork, jewellery, websites and anything else you can create. It takes almost nothing to setup and if you are good at it or unique, you can make a decent living from it. This also allows the option of expanding into the online space through platforms like Etsy. If digital art is your niche you can sell your work for t-shirts, hats, puzzles and just about anything you can think of. RedBubble is an example of such a site or you can get your own site and work with a print on demand service. Shopify and Printful are a powerful combination for this.

Do you have a teachable skill? Know another language? Know how to develop something, start something, build something? You can become a teacher on platforms like Udemy and create a course and sell it to students.
This could be absolutely anything and the rewards can be quite good if you have a unique skill or course to separate you from the rest.
The best thing is it only takes effort once. Once you have produced the content and posted, there is almost no further effort and usually the platform will handle the marketing for you.

One of the most common ways people creatively make money on the road is online business. This often gets touched on without offering any real advice or methods. You can read more in our upcoming articles on How to start a business on the road. For now hopefully we’ve covered something that might inspire a new pursuit and venture!


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