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Does Vanlife have Health Benefits?

Does living in a van provide health benefits? Is it only for the wealthy glampers or can anyone tap into the opportunities for a lifestyle change for your health? There are many reasons people may get into or try out the van life or lifestyle of living in a van. Could one of those reasons…

Vanlife & Camping Courtesies – the unspoken rules on the road

When travelling around, your neighbours can differ on a daily basis – here are our tips to keep the peace and not ruin anyone’s holiday!

How to find a campsite in Australia

Just jumped off the plane in Australia or packed up to do the big lap and escape? Here is our guide on how to find a spot to rest after a day of adventures in Australia! Australia is home to some of the best camping on offer in the world that will make pulling up…

How Compatible are you with Vanlife?

Take our quiz to find out… If you are having trouble deciding whether or not vanlife is the right route for you, have a read of our detailed post to weigh up the pros and cons:


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Hi, we’re Chris and Kiri. We’ve lived in our self built van together for the last 6 months and want to share our tips, tricks and van adventures with you.
Chris is a tour guide and ex professional adventurer and Kiri is a horticulturalist and nurse.

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