Is #Vanlife all ‘hippies’ & ‘greenies’?

The Vanlife seems to be all about the outdoors, nature, peace and love – why is that? Do you need to like those things to enjoy vanlife? We address one of the common stereotypes you’ll find under the hashtag Van Life. When I first came across the #vanlife it was through pictures on Pinterest inContinue reading “Is #Vanlife all ‘hippies’ & ‘greenies’?”

The Road or River That’s Right For You

In the lead-up to Easter, family faces you see only a few times a year are evoked. One stands out. The ‘eccentric’. The ‘nutcase’. But at this year’s get-together, our own ‘oddball’ was absent. While we feasted, my 20-year-old cousin Chris was in the midst of his great expedition. Formerly from Geelong, he’s been awayContinue reading “The Road or River That’s Right For You”