The Ultimate Van Kitchen

How do you use that tiny space for an entire kitchen? We give you the tips and tricks to get you enjoying your food and watching that sunrise! “What’s it going to be? More space for the bed, or the kitchen?” This is the question I posed to Chris when mapping out the possible layoutContinue reading “The Ultimate Van Kitchen”

12 Things we wish we knew before building a van

Here we share the van build insights (and sarcastic remarks) that would have been handy to know what we were in for! Don’t spray foam the doors! This was a mistake we made in our 2nd van build despite thinking we had protected all the mechanisms from spray foam. Instead we temporarily glued our slidingContinue reading “12 Things we wish we knew before building a van”

Drawer Dilemmas on the Road – What happens?

In a van conversion chances are you will add a draw in! But how to secure draws on the road? Is there a foolproof solution that won’t look like a last minute addition? YES there is! We are big fans of simplicity and practicality. At the end of the day, most of the hacks andContinue reading “Drawer Dilemmas on the Road – What happens?”